Tips for Your First Portrait Photo Shoot

Your first photo shoot? Most of our clients have had school pictures, driver license and passport pictures taken, but a photo shoot is different and easily 95 percent of our clients have never had the experience. Don’t worry — it’s easy and fun! Based on our experience with hundreds of clients, here are a few tips:

  • Most important: Be yourself! The key to a great portrait is authenticity, something that truly represents you. Don’t overthink it. We’ll “pose you” gently, but encourage you to make it your own. The camera will see if you’re uncomfortable. If a smile is natural for you, let loose. If not, don’t force it. A fake smile is easily detected and can detract from your portrait.
  • Wear something you love. Bring options, but not a steamer trunk of wardrobe. Limit what you wear to only what you absolutely love. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, the camera will see it. Try to avoid bringing wardrobe with the tags still attached that you’ve never tried on before. It will take up valuable time from your session, you may not like what you’ve purchased and/or it might not fit.
  • Plan ahead. Feel free to consult with us in advance to plan your shoot. We’re happy to talk or meet with you and plan out a shoot that meets your needs. Send us sample images that inspire you and you might want to replicate. That helps us prepare for your shoot.
  • Speak up. Your photographer has lots of ideas, but we consider you a creative partner in the process. Share your ideas and thoughts!

A photo shoot can be a great deal of fun, especially if you take the pressure off yourself by planning ahead and, once on site, relaxing and being yourself. What could be easier?

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